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I believe you are in the best profession on the planet.  Yes, you chose it, but dentistry also chose you.  You studied, you applied and you are now ready to take those skills to people that want them and, most importantly, need them.   “You can change the world with their smile.” That, my dear ones, is a shout out to the late, great Mary Tyler Moore.

In this edition of DE, we start with Dr. Neha Garge, who candidly offers her story of getting out of dental school at Boston University and how she kept from feeling overwhelmed as she realized the mountain of things she still needed to learn.

We also got a great offering from Jordan Thomas, who took a very unique and D.I.Y. approach to acquiring a practice.  I am so impressed with his spirit, and his column might inspire you to take a similar approach.

Dr. Dale Wagman weighed in on the practice acquisition topic, as well.  As you are looking, there is one thing that could seriously limit your earning potential, and Dale dissects that exact issue.

And once you do join or purchase a practice, you’re going to want to make sure your online presence is giving you the most bang for your buck, so we asked Mike Pederson, CEO of The Dental Boost, lays out a plan to bring your SEO up to 2017 standards.

Ignite your passion!  The future is yours!


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