October is my favorite time of year. My husband thinks it’s because I share my birthday month with our oldest son. And while I do love presents and celebrating birthdays, it’s more about the excitement of change in the air. The colors of the season are showing their beauty, and the holidays are on the horizon. Now, it’s time to be thankful for how we’ve grown and the coming of new opportunities.

Fall a is good time to take stock of where you are and where you’re going. You have put time, talent and treasure into your education. You are starting to envision your career beginning and forming your vision for your future. Whether you’re just starting your dental education, graduating in 2018 or have been practicing for a few years, this issue will help you decide where you need to focus to succeed. Embrace the change that is upon you!

Our cover docs are true dental entrepreneurs. Drs. Pelais and Bolin share their enthusiasm with you. It takes girt to plunge into a startup right out of the shoot. As they say, “If we can do it, you can do it!” Their story could be yours if you are game and follow some of the advice in this issue. Be open to opportunities that present to you and build on your strengths.

I especially loved Jayme Amos and Bridget Fay’s article on location and signage. It will entice you to look further. Check out their links. I personally was surprised at their take. Bob Spiel elaborates on leadership at its core. His new book, Flip Your Focus, is a must for all of us.

Almost 50 percent of the graduating dentists are women. Angie Svitak and Christie Ratcliff give hope that it is possible to have it all while being a Dental Entrepreneur Woman (DeW).

Speaking of DeWs, Dr. Erinne Kennedy makes a case for working in public health. Have you ever thought about that? There are many opportunities that females in the industry might not have considered, and Erinne dissects one of those areas. My husband, a business owner himself, was particularly drawn to Dr. Dale Wagman’s article on earned equity. This will give you much to consider as you look at new associateships from both sides.

And, of course I love how our pied piper, Dr. David Rice, wraps up in his Power to Succeed contribution.

In fact, each author gives you something to ponder. Please reach out to them with your questions. They are here to help and write to inspire. Reach out to our sponsors, for without them this free publication would not exist. They deserve your business and respect.

As the seasons change, so could your career path. I sincerely hope and believe this issue of Dental Entrepreneur can serve as a guide as you continue your journey.

All the best,

Anne M. Duffy
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