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What I love about reaching a certain age is the opportunity to look back and be satisfied with where I am, right now, in this moment. One day always leads to another, and it truly isn’t about what you get out of the previous 24 hours, it is how you handle what you get.

To “handle” life with grace and purpose is undoubtedly easier when you surround yourself with people that you look up to and admire. People you can turn to when life becomes hard and you face an impasse on your road to success.
Looking back, I think of all the people who have inspired me, coached me and believed in me. I truly cherish those times when a friend, relative, or colleague has stepped in with a kind and  supporting word or action. I am thankful that I recognized their generosity and had my ears and eyes open to their insight.

I believe in creating many opportunities to be a mentor and/or mentee. You know it takes two to tango. And it takes two to form a mentor/mentee relationship. That is why I am so excited to introduce you to our cover guys, Drs. Dirk Fleischman and John Zelesky. Their story is special and it could be yours, if you are as attentive as I was when I first heard it from Dr. Fleischman, who has played an important role in John’s career from student at Nova Southeastern University to now, where he’s the Chief Resident at Colorado University School of Dental Medicine.

In this edition of Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom, we have featured a slew of other potential mentors to help you on your journey.

Cindy Bickers, the Manager for Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities, recalls her 15-plus years of expertise to break down the key factors you must consider if interested in pursuing an associateship. Gavin Shea, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Wells Fargo Practice Finance, and Chad Widensky, Vice President and Regional Business Development Officer at Bank of America Practice Solutions, offer invaluable financial insight.

Shea discusses how to avoid the pitfalls many dental professionals make when dealing with the significant monetary investment of practice ownership. And Widensky illustrates why it is important to understand the concept of cash flow. Both are critical pieces of advice.

I am fascinated with the idea that good people find good people, and in our very own dental profession there are lots of good people! Start by reaching out to our authors and advertisers in this edition. They want to guide you with their words and ideas, and if they resonate, reach out and start to build a relationship. They do want to hear from you. It’s all about relationships in the end. Here’s to leading a life of grace and purpose!

All the best,

Anne M. Duffy

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