Well, today was the day to start the process of cleaning the attic. It was actually kind of fun going through stuff of the past. It made we realize how much I’ve been through, all experiences coming together in the here and now.

I still feel it’s all in front of me, but it really isn’t true. I’ve been there and done that, and here we are. Yet, with each new year comes new relationships that continue to broaden my career and increase my reach. As each issue of Dental Entrepreneur heads off to print, I’m forever grateful you are eager to learn about the business of dentistry and continue to read us and share us with your colleagues. Now you, on the other hand, are truly getting started with your career, and everything up until this moment has prepared you for what is ahead. My wish for you is to keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities that build on your strengths and new relationships, filling in your weaknesses as you embark on your career. Trust yourself and the trust we’re here to provide.

Our cover docs are incredible examples of how doors can open when you forge new relationships. Erinne and Amisha have been so valuable to me as contributors and sounding boards. In fact, the first time I met Erinne was over email when she reached out to me as a sophomore at Nova Southeastern. Now look at her. She is on the cover with her best friend and colleague. They are Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeWs extraordinaire) and I know they’ll make a huge impact on our profession. Their story will get you thinking more about the people you meet every day.

Earl Douglas is one of my favorite writers of all time. His wit and understanding of what you’re experiencing at the moment always delights. This time, Earl confronts the doubt that many of you will feel when considering purchasing your own practice. It’s clear that he’s keen on helping you make the best decision when that time comes.

I also loved how Shen Chao dove into some easy ways that you can help your office go a little – or a lot – greener in the coming years. We can all do our part, from a simple solution like recycling more to adding an advanced and thoughtful environmentally sterilization system.

Finally, our most esteemed Pied Piper, Dr. David Rice, is encouraging you to crush clinic … which is probably on the top of your mind at this point. Isn’t he the best? His contest for the next DE cover doc was a huge success and will be revealed on our spring edition. So far, David has reached 60,000 people, and the numbers are still growing. I think this might start a trend. After all, Dental Entrepreneur is about you and for you. We want to highlight your successes and push you towards even more in the future. Let the games begin!

Best of luck,

Anne M. Duffy Publisher

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