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I have to admit, that I was blown away today. Here’s why. Yesterday, Earl Douglas (a.k.a. ADS South and founder of ADS Transitions) invited my husband and me to a “little seminar” that was being held at Flemings in Charlotte, N.C.

Timing was not great for us, as we had been slammed the last couple of weeks and we were truly looking forward to a relaxing weekend. This invitation put a bit of a monkey wrench in our plans. Because Earl’s mentorship over the years has meant so much to me, Tom and I found ourselves up at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning heading uptown (your downtown) to join in the discussion. What we found was what we knew but needed reminding - dental professional experts are some of the best people in the whole world. They have no scarcity mentality, they are only abundance minded. They truly believe in the win/win possibilities of all dental professionals, and it is their life’s work to help dentists create a thriving practice and an all-embracing life!

It goes to show, when opportunity presents itself, take advantage of the possibilities. There is so much to learn after you graduate dental school. You will soon find out what it is that you don’t know you don’t know. That is why I am thrilled to highlight Dr. David Lee and the Hinman Dental Conference in this issue of Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom.

Yes, their life’s work is to educate dental professionals of all levels, but the event is critical, in my opinion, for recent dental school graduates. Not only is the Hinman a great way to learn more about the newest technologies, products and services in a single space, but it is also an excellent way to continue your education and network with key members of your chosen field.

Cathy Jameson, founder of Jameson Management, was kind enough to write an interesting piece that discusses the critical factors of the business of dentistry. Cathy covers 12 of the main issues that dentists will face at any point in their career. From production to collection to teamwork to leadership, Cathy’s comprehensive look at how to develop a successful practice is key to getting off to the right start.

And I’m quite pleased with the addition of Bob Levoy to this edition of DE. As a seminar leader and author of seven books on practice management, Bob offers insight to a survey he regularly conducts asking staff members what they like and dislike about their respective practice. While all responses are anonymous, the results can really inform how you lead as an employer or associate moving forward.
There are many, many other excellent contributors to our Winter 2015 magazine, and I encourage you to take the time to read all of our articles and take note of our sponsors.

A post-graduation world in the dental industry can be daunting – believe me, I know. While I’m sure the clinical chops are there, sometimes the business side of things can get murky. We at Dental Entrepreneur are dedicated to helping clear those muddy waters.

Congratulations and good luck!

All the best,

Anne M. Duffy


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