Happy Spring and cheers to your Summer!

This is one of my favorite issues of Dental Entrepreneur, and I will say our Winter edition will always be hard to beat. However, the amazing Karina Valentin made a splash in competing with 10 outstanding future dentists to pull out ahead and win the cover spot. It was actually quite like winning the Kentucky Derby. Desire, training and endurance! Yes, Karina has all of those qualities, and receiving the most votes (reaching over 80,000 views) in the IgniteDDS contest landed her on the cover. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time she wins this spot. Her story inspires me and will inspire you. I dare say, if she can do it so can you! [Side note: Thanks to Dr. David Rice for hosting this contest.]

As another school year comes to an end, we have a lot of great advice for all graduating dentists that will help you find and grow in an associateship and, ultimately, your own practice as a practice owner. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect in this issue:

The always prolific Dr. Tom Snyder and Dr. Bill Williams and Michele DesMarais give sage advice on what to look for and how to behave in these situations, allowing you to take the right steps to success.

But no matter what career path you have taken, Wendy Catone tells it straight when it comes to finances. It goes without saying that you will need to build a good relationship with your banker, but many question just how to accomplish that. Luckily, Wendy has several steps that will get you there. While some solutions might seem more obvious than others, there is no doubt that her article will make you go, “A-ha!”

Meanwhile, we’ve brought in Rusty Curtis and Justin Jacques to offer their own expert insight into your marketing strategy. You’d be surprised at how a solid marketing plan will help build your brand and patient flow by doing things without the guesswork.

You are going to love the drive that Kianor Shah exhibits in his quest for building a team of leaders and educators in our profession. I’m impressed with his dedication to finding and mentoring the best when it comes to extractions, a world that you may look at in a new light after reading his words.

Further, two of my favorites, Dr. Dustin Cohen and Dr. David Rice, share their thoughts about rising up the ranks of dentistry and keeping it real while doing so. Heading into what will hopefully be a pleasant and prosperous time of year, I hope you’re are inspired by Dustin and David as I consistently am.

All in all, please reach out to all of our contributors. Everyone can and will help you as you strike out on your own. Much like each horse in the Kentucky Derby has a team around it, we want to support you as you get ready to run the race of your life and land in the winner’s circle!

Best of luck,

Anne M. Duffy Publisher

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