Welcome to the craziest fall season ever!

Wouldn’t you agree? It’s wild to think that the Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting our families, our education, our mental state, our daily routines, and of course, our health in September of 2020. But here we are. And we must continue to move forward, even if we must make adjustments to keep ourselves sane and our neighbors safe.

I’m hoping that this issue of Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom reassures you that with a little help, we’ll all be OK, and when we come out of this pandemic, we will be better for it. After all, it’s not what we get, it’s how we handle what we get. I already feel a bit of inspiration after going through what all of our authors have contributed to this edition of the magazine.

As a dentist, you are faced with challenges every day by every patient and every decision you make. This is the career path you have chosen, the path you were trained for and a path offering unlimited success. As you read these pages, I believe you’ll feel the same inspiration I did. Your future is bright!

We begin with Dr. Jordan Brown, a shining star who is a testament to what is possible if you keep the faith and relentlessly pursue your dreams. His is a story of never surrendering, even in the face of adversity. And you know what? He’s You no different from you. Throughout his career, he just never quit, and now he’s one of the most recognized faces in dentistry. We cannot wait to follow his career as he impacts our profession.

I also loved reading Dr. Luke Shapiro’s feature on Aaleeyah Alim, the dentist behind the popular IGTV series Tooth Tuesdays. Dr. Alim (known on Instagram as @smile.leey) is committed to demystifying questions about dentistry that the average person may not consider. What’s more, she wants her page to serve as an inspiration to anyone who can identify with her, namely anyone who is Black, a woman or of a visible religious minority. You’ll learn a lot by giving her a follow!

And as we face the uncertainties that the pandemic has brought to finding a job, purchasing a practice or dealing with lenders, we brought back dental transitions expert Earl Douglas to provide a roadmap for navigating these challenges. If you have any of these decisions looming on the horizon, I would definitely suggest turning to Page 12.

The dental community must remain united, and we here at DE want to continue to be a resource that helps ease your professional journey. I’d encourage you to support our generous sponsors and reach out to our authors, because we’re all in this together.

As our back-page columnist David Rice likes to say, “You got this!”

Anne M. Duffy


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