How is 2021 going for you? Are you feeling life opening up a bit? 2020 was quite the challenge, one we faced together, and we are ready for change. Whatever state you’re in now, there are so many reasons to feel optimistic about your future in this issue of Dental Entrepreneur. I know it worked for me!

Once again, we’ve gathered a who’s who of authors ready and willing to share their experiences – both personal and professional – to help guide your journey. As the venerable Dr. Hazel Glasper once noted, you are about to become a Physician of the Oral Cavity, essential workers on the frontline ready to get your due. In these times, we need you in our profession more than ever.

We open this edition of DE with our cover doc, Dr. Chithra Durgam, who offers insight into how she connects with our community around the world through social media outreach, strong branding and a forward-looking vision that includes conquering the frontier of digital voice applications.

Chithra’s path was one of many steps, all of which led her to become a leader in her field, and it’s this step-by-step philosophy that Barb Stackhouse espouses in her article, “Profit First.” She wants you to take small bites at the apple, “one at a time,” in implementing the systems she lays out to make your next big purchase and eventually retire on your own terms.

Speaking of purchases, I’m happy to welcome back Dr. Tom Snyder at a time when we can say it’s officially a buyer’s market. Tom notes that – for the first time in a long time – you are fortunate to have the chance to take full advantage of the many practices that should be available in the coming years.

Meanwhile, we also have Emmet Scott’s advice for honing your business acumen, possibly in a DSO to start. As he says, “If you find the right fit, you will find the mentorship and education you crave” to be the owner you dreamed of becoming.

I encourage you to continue to build your life and your career. Get clear on your “why” and don’t be afraid to reach out to our authors and advertisers for help. We featured some fabulous resources in the edition. The books we highlighted along with their authors are phenomenal reads and will give you the extra dose of courage to chase your dreams, and do it the right way.

Or as I like to say, “Just DeW it!”

Good luck to all of you, and thank you for reading!

Anne M. Duffy


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