Happy New Year!

I declared on New Year’s Day that 2020 would be my year. Of course, the phrase “Man plans, and God laughs” took on a special meaning for me almost instantly.  

It started out with one calamity after another. The latest rings close to home because, you see, our oldest son is the same age as our cover doc, Dr. Rich Constantine. Both amazing young men living their dream and seeking their purpose. However, with our Michael, who has helped edit De for 20 years, his life came to a screeching halt when a dangerous version of the Step bacte-rium invaded his body. It was the perfect storm of frightening scenarios.

As I write this, he is still in the hospital hoping to go home today with an IV antibiotic for the next six weeks. Thank goodness it wasn’t bacterial endocarditis, as they wanted desperately to tie it to a dental prophy he had in December. They finally deduced that wasn’t the origin and – Yay! – he wouldn’t need open heart surgery. His limbs are all still attached and working. Sadly, the bacteria also attacked his right eye, and yes, it is permanently impaired. All six specialists are still perplexed, chalking it up to bad luck. The important thing is watching how Michael handled it. With grace, humility and strength. What counts is not what you get but how you handle it. 

My point in this story is to urge you to take some time to think ahead every day and always have a plan in place for the catastrophes that can happen. Can you imagine laying in a hospital bed after six MRIs, numerous CT scans, a spinal tap, heart esophageal procedure, and permanent blindness without insurance? Be smart, and be prepared. (Yes, Michael was prepared.)

I met Dr. Rich Constantine through a dear friend, Elijah Desmond. He told me to check out his story, and I’m so glad I did. When we jumped on a call, I had no idea he was the dancing dentist. He was a humble and caring man, great husband, son and, oh yes, a dentist. What struck me was how amazed he was that the 90 million views of his viral dancing video across all platforms occurred organically. It was the perfect storm in the best of scenarios. He and his wife, Trish, have handled the spotlight with aplomb. I am so lucky to be able to share his story and hope you will support their very important cause, “Smile On Cancer.” It could bring the importance of dentistry and what you will do to greater heights and appreciation. After all, a rising tide raises all ships!

You will love reading Dr. Luke Shapiro’s column featuring Dr. Sharon Huang. I loved learning about Sharon’s ability to genuinely incorporate her style into her brand. She is certainly a DeW, and I encourage you to share your tips on how to bring out more of your personal style in everyday life. 

Our issue closes, as always, with some inspirational words from Dr. David Rice, who will no doubt challenge you to take your career to the next level and prepare for any storm that may cross your path, whether under positive or negative circumstances. 

This is one of my favorite editions of Dental entrepreneur. It has so much insight for you to grow, personally and professionally. After all, you are more than a dentist.


Anne M. Duffy 


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