As I type this editorial, I am in the hospital with my husband. His colon decided to rupture last week, and now he has an abscess that is blocking things. The moral of this story is that abscesses can shut down the body. An abscess in the mouth is as serious as an abscess is the colon, and both require medical attention. Dentistry and medicine have to tie the knot. They have to stay married when they do finally accept the conditions. For better or for worse, richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health.

What I do know is that good care is priceless when you are trusting someone with your health. Knowing the mouth is the gateway to the body, you must keep learning, collaborating and connecting. As dental professionals, we must trust each other and believe in the fact that we are the people that others trust with their healthcare.

Just like our wonderful cover docs, Drs. Dirk Fleischman and John Zalesky! They understood that early their special mentor/mentee relationship. It’s so awesome that they didn’t drop this relationship at graduation. And even as Dr. Zalesky continued to progress out of a special mentor/mentee relationship with Dr. Dirk Fleischman when he was younger into a new career, he still considers Dr. Fleischman a close confidant. This is their journey, and you will love their update. Who are your mentors?

There is no better time than now to seek them out and carry them with you moving forward. It will make you a better everything, as Dr. Dale Wagman states when you read his article about the friends you need in your dental career. Who is your best friend going to be? Dale delivers an excellent message, as I have seen first-hand the downside of not taking this to heart.

I’m excited to include Kim Larson in this issue. She breaks down some of the misconceptions surrounding DSOs. If that is the path you choose to go down, Kim discusses some of the tough questions that you’ll need to ask to find the right one. And finally, we have the incredible David Rice anchoring Dental Entrepreneur once again. David’s advice will help you be accountable as you figure out where you want to go and how to get there.

To wrap up on an amazing note, we are uber-excited for our spring edition. So many deserving candidates have been nominated for our remarkable cover contest. Get your votes in ASAP. We will celebrate our winner soon, so be on the lookout! Go ignitedds and our DE family! Notify your colleagues and deans for the next edition, because it could be you!

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