Dr. Kianor Shah is a 37-year-old practicing Dentist and an Entrepreneur from Southern California. As a traveling healthcare provider, Dr. Shah has practiced in more than 300 offices. As a businessman, Dr. Shah has built numerous co-brand, private label, and Peer-to-Peer partnerships in the Healthcare Industry. Dr. Shah is a seasoned educator in clinical topics of Head and Neck Anatomy, Biophysics, Surgical Extractions, and Oral Implantology. Dr. Shah addresses domestic and international financial executives annually with Healthcare Industry forecasts and advises Financial Technology companies. Dr. Shah completed his undergraduate studies at Western Illinois University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 2000. Dr. Shah graduated in 2006 with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Southern Illinois University. He has completed an M.B.A. at Brandman University in International Business in 2016. His participation as a Fellow of theInternational Congress of Oral Implantologists, Fellow of the California Implant Institute, and Fellow of the International Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics has culminated in his Mastership and Diplomate status of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Shah has been in various roles as an Inventor, founder, owner, Chairperson, CEO, President, Managing Director, Partner, Associate, and Consultant for a variety of domestic and international related business matters. In addition to his expertise practicing General Dentistry, Dr. Shah practices in the fields Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Pedodontics, Orthodontics, and Oral Surgery. Dr. Shah reads, writes, and speaks English, German, and the Farsi languages. Says Dr. Shah, “A dentist is a lifetime professional commitment. Part artist, part architect, part entrepreneur, part physicist, part surgeon, part businessman, part therapist, and part community friend.” Dr. Shah enjoys world travel, public speaking, studying and researching historical events, and participating in sports including soccer, table tennis, and fitness.

It’s ALL in the Extraction!

Hi, my name is Dr. Kianor Shah, I am a dentist and a family man. My interest in dental surgery began early in dental school. It all started with my very first extraction. I was young and felt empowered, like wanting to hold up the foreceps with the tooth in it up to the sky, to be able to provide a great service not everyone gets to do in a lifetime. What a feeling of privilege. Thereafter, I would clock in and out of the oral surgery department whenever I had a chance. I vividly remember the head oral surgeon regularly taught me countless tips and tricks that I would later use in private practice. Upon graduation, I started my career by associating with a senior colleague. Gradually, I became more interested in wisdom teeth extractions and then dental implants. A weekend course in implantology led to a decade of doing, learning and teaching. Equipped with knowledge and experience, I began offering my services to other dental offices. It never fails to amaze me how much simple office-based surgery is referred. We decided to start the International Extraction Academy from a multi-disciplinary approach to help our colleagues take the next step in their careers.

I remember our very first workshop event with Dr. Gregory Greenwood and Dr. Arash Hakhemian. We had 30 students from the U.S., Canada and Australia, including two periodontists and one prosthodontist. The mix was from early graduates to clinicians practicing for over 20 years that just had not done extractions. There were a few implantologists in the crowed also wanting to advance their skills for immediate applications. We knew we were on the right track after this inaugural clinical program received tremendous feedback from the participants. Then, the great Dr. Thomas Wiedemann joined us with full force and participated at every event. Ever since, we have pursued a solution to connect all the moving parts, theories, and disciplines related to the Academy – for the benefit of patients and our colleagues.

“Doctor” comes from the Latin word Docere (to teach) and teach we shall!

The Mission: To learn, to teach and to share knowledge without borders

The Vision: Maximum collaboration between dental professionals and supply chain

Why Extraction Academy?

As a general dentist, what is the most profitable dental procedure you can’t afford not to offer to your patients? It remains my strong belief that surgical breakthroughs in innovation are made at the grassroot level. Extraction is most common dental procedure in the world, yet it is among the most under taught procedure(s) by dental schools and private educational institutions.

It is stigmatized by the public as a brutal procedure. Hence, it is ever more important to pay attention to the serene and personalized environment required for most clinicians to successfully execute the task at hand.

Extraction techniques are evolving. One would be surprised how many new techniques and instruments emerge per year. We need to keep up to seek what works best for us.

Not every dentist is well equipped to do this procedure. Yes, everyone could theoretically do an extraction – but what does that mean? Was it done properly? Did we do right by the patient, the next provider or ourselves for the next step(s) in treatment? There is always the fear of It’s ALL in the Extraction! Practice Builders Kianor Shah, DMD, MBA, DICOI DentalEntrepreneur.com Dental Entrepreneur Spring 2018 19 litigation, but with proper patient education, consent, medical review, medical consultation if necessary and other precautions, it is a safe and lucrative procedure. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, and with good practices, exodontia boosts venue, creates convenience to patients and allows our colleagues to offer additional services.

It is among the most common hospital emergency visits that the medical staff refer back to the dentist for continued treatment after prescribing paid medication and antibiotics. The result: no relevant solution for the patient (especially those that need immediate extractions), tied up emergency room chairs and unnecessary strain on taxpayers.

It is the least expensive community service event. I have had great successes doing free cancer screening exams and extraction days. Community involvement is a key ingredient to the success and growth of the practice.

This procedure involves the interest and philosophy of all dental specialties and is the focal point to most surgical procedures. Proper performance of this procedure is the first step and foundation for edentulism’s restorative, implantology and prosthodontic considerations. The Extraction Academy serves as a stepping stone from the simplest to the most complex of dental surgical procedure(s) in advancing the practitioners surgical knowledge and skills!

What Is the Objective?

The first objective is to learn the latest in exodontia techniques and implantology, and to provide for comprehensive hands on workshop and surgical experiences. Another objective is to learn minimally traumatic tooth extractions and immediate implant techniques focusing on alveolar ridge preservation, biomaterials selection and placement, complications management, surgical and suturing techniques, pain management and patient aftercare, all while developing the skills to correctly plan more complex cases and confidently perform various extraction and implantology procedures. This allows attendees to go back to their office and immediately implement the techniques learned from Extraction Academy lecture(s) and add more revenue to their practices.

How Does the Extraction Academy Mini-Residency Work?

There are four modules to complete a one-year 48 CEU Mini-Residency program, and each module can be taken without a pre-requisite and separately.

Module 1 (12 CEU): Online Learnings (Virtual Anatomy, Pharmacology, GBR, Suturing, Sedation, Emergency and Complications Management, Pre and Post Op, and much more)

Module 2 (8 CEU): Extraction Hands-On Workshop (Lectures and Cadavers)

Module 3 (8 CEU): Implant Workshop (Lectures, Cadaver)

Module 4: Live Surgical Experiences in Palm Desert, CA and Baden-Baden Germany Upcoming courses at www.ExtAcademy.com/registration

How Does Surgical Sedation Partners Relate?

Let’s face it, no matter how good one’s chairside manners and skills are to accommodate patients, there are some that simply need sedation. This could be anxiolysis, conscious sedation or general anesthesia. In order to do it safely, it is prudent that two doctors are in the room, one performing the dental procedure and one who is qualified to do the sedation. Doing both is now being outlawed in a host of countries due to repeated mortality cases. That concept and idea is rapidly approaching our shores.

After learning about Dr. Marjon Jahromi and having the opportunity to work with her, I was very impressed. She graduated from the prestigious University of Michigan School of Dentistry in Ann Arbor, Mich., in 2001 and completed her dental anesthesia residency at Loma Linda University Special Care Dentistry and Riverside County Regional Medical Center in 2003. Dr. Jahromi received her Diplomate status of the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology in 2004. During her 11 years as an Assistant Professor and Attending Anesthesiologist in the Dental Anesthesia Department at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Dr. Jahromi treated a variety of complex medical and surgical cases.

We started Surgical Sedation Partners to help our colleagues out with surgical sedation in Southern California and encourage other travelling doctors and anesthesiology professionals to do the same. In terms of forms and templates for our colleagues to utilize, we compiled a few, and you can view them, adapt them to your practice and feel free to use them as part of your pre and post-operative due diligence. There are other templates one can find on the internet.

Sample Forms: http://surgicalsedationpartners. com/forms/

What is the Global Implantology Summit all about?

To reiterate, all dental specialties take a special interest in this procedure, and many consider it a focal point. It is prudent to learn from the specialists what their desires are. What should the diagnosis and outcome be? At a minimum, we need this knowledge in order to have a broad understanding of the options for our patients. It should come as no surprise that we have an endodontist, a pharmacist, and multiple medical doctors, PhD’s, prosthodontists, oral surgeons and periodontists on our faculty and lecturing at our meetings.

After three years of advancing the cause of the Extraction Academy, we decided to approach 50 world renowned speakers from six continents to hold an annual global summit on the latest techniques and technologies. They were nominated by existing faculty members and are now part of our world-class faculty. Countless topics, languages, cultures and walks of life are represented and can provide us with their perspectives after years of clinical practice and demonstration of educational leadership in their respective fields.

Some of the primary clinical lecture topics are underlined below under the faculty members name, but they do not include the hands-on workshops. For details, visit www.GI-Summit.com It is inspirational to see these tremendous speakers come together for what we love to do in our daily lives – dentistry and dental surgery. The fact that the techniques taught will allow our fellow colleagues to go back to their practices and safely and effectively implement those learnings while caring for their patients is motivation for us.