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The right publication for the right audience

Dentistry is rapidly changing. Technology is evolving faster than the dental schools can keep up with it. New dentists leave school clinically competent, but woefully unprepared to build a financially successful practice.

We give graduates the practical information they need to succeed
Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom has the mix of information new dentists need to succeed now and in the future as they build their careers. Guidance on how to be smart about taking that next step after school, whether it is obtaining an associateship, being employed by corporate dentistry, buying an existing practice, or starting from scratch. In addition, we regularly cover the emerging technologies and services they must provide to succeed.

Plant the seeds for your future growth
Business Beyond the Classroom plows the field so you can plant the seeds for future sales. For as little as 5 cents per graduate, you will start building a presence with your future customers.

Reach new dentists while they are listening
Graduating dentists are notoriously anxious about succeeding. They’ll read anything they can get their hands on that addresses their fears. Business Beyond the Classroom goes to juniors, graduating seniors and dental residents, giving your company its best opportunity to deliver YOUR message before practice patterns harden new dentists’ minds.

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What is Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom?

It is a free guide for graduating dental students and now available to new practicing dentists through subscriptions and on our website. Dental Entrepreneur has been publishing for 16 years and is designed to answer their questions about the business side of dentistry. It is delivered in three volumes to all dentists who will graduate this year, once in the fall, winter and in the spring. It’s colorful and graphically appealing. It is a perfect bound on 100# Pubmatte 88 for cover and 60# Pubmatte 88 for body stock on a four-color press. It contains a friendly mix of how-to advice and articles by practicing dentists, top consultants and industry experts addressing the issues that will confront new graduates as they launch their careers. It has articles about how dentists are using the latest technology in dentistry to make their practice grow. Business fundamentals, how to get started and leadership concepts are featured in every issue.

Successful young practicing dentists sharing their personal stories submit our favorite features. It has resource guides that give readers contact information of the product and service suppliers they will need in their practice life. It is your single best means of reaching new dentists. It is unquestionably the best value for your advertising dollar.

➜ Call Anne Duffy 704-953-0261 to reserve space in Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom.


Why advertise in Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom?

1. Because it will be read cover to cover.
It’s simple. New graduates of dental school are not ready to run a business. Just ask them. (We did, and were told time and again that the token class or two they get in practice management and the business of dentistry is not nearly enough.) They are going to read anything they can get their hands on that will help them fill this void – especially if it’s free, colorful and full of practical business advice by other successful dentists.

2. Because it’s the best way to reach this prime audience.
Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom will be delivered free to every junior, senior, and new graduating dentist. You will have 100 percent coverage of this prime audience, through a medium that is sure to be kept for future reference.

3. Because we help them find you.
Every advertiser will be listed in a Resource Guide, featured prominently in the middle of the magazine, that tells the new graduates how to reach the companies that can help them implement what they just read about. They will even be told the page (or pages, at our rates!) where they can find your ad. We make it easy for the readers and for our advertisers, too.

4. Because it is the best value.
You can ensure your message gets into the pages of Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom for a fraction of the cost of alternative media – and the audience can offer the greatest yield. Each volume can be found on our website along with archived issues. We send the link to all the schools so they can send it our to their listservs. This makes it easy to download the entire publication onto tablets and other devices.

Check our rates. At our prices, how can you NOT be in Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom?

➜ Call Anne Duffy 704-953-0261 to reserve space in Dental Entrepreneur’s Business Beyond the Classroom.

Our goal remains the same – to help young dentists maximize their careers as successful businessmen and women serving the dental profession. Invest in your future relationships with your future clients. Don’t miss this chance to win a lifetime customer!